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More info mail or call EAO. Martin Fontyn 0032 0 487638060 eaorrt@gmail.com 
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The Illyriaraid is due for its fourth edition.
The third Illyriaraid was a success! More than 160 drivers came to the start.
Motorcycles, quads and ssv could enjoy a marvelous route.
This year, Illyriaraid is going to an unseen event through 7 countries.
The Illyriaraid is an organization of EAO (Martin Fontyn) and Motorcycle federation Albania (Edvin Kasimati).
This guarantees a top organized week.
For service package you can find more info at the bottom of this page.
All information for the Illyriaraid itself can be found on the website of Illyriaraid.
New in 2019 :

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Website Illyriaraid 2019

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EAO service package for the Illyriaraid 2019

You can contact EAO for extra info and service package.

What we offer:


Bring your Motor and luggage back and forth.
You can go back and forth by plane.


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Rate Spring Edition :

Bagage* en motorfiets <550cc : 600€ < 30/08/2018 / 700€ > 1/9/2018 / 800€ > 1/1/2019

Bagage* en motorfiets >550cc : 850€ < 30/08/2018 / 950€ > 1/9/2018  1050€ > 1/1/2019

Bagage* en quad:1200€ < 30/08/2018 / 1300€ < 1/9/2018 / 1500€ > 1/1/2019

Bagage* en SSV: 1650€ < 30/08/2018 / 1750€ < 1/9/2018 / 1950€ > 1/9/2018

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Tarief Reverse Edition :

Bagage* en motorfiets <550cc : 600€ < 31/10/2018 / 700€ > 1/11/2018 / 800€ > 01/01/2019

Bagage* en motorfiets >550cc : 850€ < 31/10/2018 / 950€ > 1/11/2018  1050€ > 01/01/2019

Bagage* en quad:1200€ < 31/10/2018 / 1300€ < 1/11/2018 / 1500€ > 01/1/2019

Bagage* en SSV: 1650€ < 31/10/2018 / 1750€ < 1/11/2018 / 1950€ > 01/01/2018

Organisation Team Illyria Raid 

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Mechanical service within the EAO team 350 €
Rent motorcycle KTM exc450 2018/19 1750 €
Rent navigation building (road book, tryp, sensor and service) 300 € rent
Third piece of luggage (case or bag) 100 €




* Luggage is two cases Pierre Henry (80x45x35) 25kg = max 1 piece.
Possibly one chest and a sports bag of maximum these dimensions (max 25kg piece) !!!
Limited places book your place in time.
Price flight on request.


The bivak in Bari 2018:

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Voor meer info mail of telefoneer EAO.
Martin Fontyn
0032 0 487638060

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Illyriaraid :

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From 29/12/2018 t/m 14/01/2019

Monaco / Dakar 

 DJI 0978

The only real Dakar is in Africa and ends in Dakar.

More than 7000km from Monaco to Sete / Nador, Morocco, Mauritania and ending in Dakar Senegal.

In this 7000km there are more special etappe kilometers than in the Dakar in Argentina that goes over 9000km.

So no thousands of kilometers of connection (liaison) but more special legs. 

Edition 10 is just finished and we are already working on preparations for 2018/19.

Thanks to a good team and good cooperation, we bring our pilots to the finish.

For EAO, 2019 is already our seventh participation and therefore we have a lot of experience with this race. 

IMG 1096

The EAO success continues.

Martin Fontyn team manager and owner of EAO has more than twenty years of experience in the rally world.

Martin also won several big rally's in the past, including the Africa Race 2013.

He likes to share his experiences with the EAO team drivers.

We are happy to help you from A to Z for this rally! This goes from the preparation, administration, feeding, training, building motorcycle ect.

A nice big service truck is provided with everything one needs to accompany pilots during a rally in a comfortable way.

The pilots sleep in beautiful big tents where they can stand up and have a lot of space. 

IMG 0966

Our pilots can also take a nice hot shower every day in our service truck.

Every day our pilots are offered a delicious pasta or meal as soon as they arrive in the bivouac.

In the morning a fresh toasty or pancake with a delicious cup of fresh coffee or tea.

All drinks are always cooled and are available free of charge.

All kinds of snacks are also always free to take.

Every pilot also receives free team clothing! (Gel jacket, sweatshirt hoodi, polo, Tshirt)

Sounds maybe all a bit luxurious but is a plus point to reach the end. 

IMG 0785

We would like to welcome you in our team for the next edition.

Every year we have new ideas and renew multiple things in and around our service truck. 

IMG 0937

After our sixt participation in the Africa Eco race we already know how things are going in the AER and we are a friend at home.

With this good relationship problems can be easily solved.

We are happy to help you with the registration and possible language problems.

Briefings and administrative matters are always in English and French.

We would like to help our customers through this. 

IMG 0896

So if you want to drive as care free as possible in the Africa Eco Race, join our professional rally team EAO.

In the course of the following months we will organize some info evenings with this rally and you can come there with all your questions. 

IMG 0929

These tents are unique ! Every EAO driver sleeps in a 4 person tent with two compartments.

1 tent per person so a lot of space and you can also stand in it! 

De race:

The Africa Eco Race is actually the old Dakar rally that is driven from Monaco to Dakar.

In Morocco beautiful pistes and some dune passages.

In Mauritania a lot of dunes and sand.

In Senegal the famous beach race with the finish at Lac Rose Dakar.

The organizers are no one less than Jean Louis Schlesser & René Metge.

AER crew consists of more than 135 people who take care of this top rally.

Three helicopters, multiple doctor teams, Iritrack and GPS Unik 2 backup gives you a safe feeling. 

De route: 

Departure in France port of Sete 300km from Monaco. Start first stage Nador north Morocco, Mauritania to Senegal Dakar.
A beautiful route of more than 7000 km, mostly off-road and special stages.

Map 18/19 new map ASAP

carte   Africa race 2018 0


You can find the price for motor and pilot registration on the AER website.
Registration fees may need to be adjusted.
Here is also the rental cost of Iritrack and GPS from the ERTF. about 1100 € for the devices gps Unik2 and Iritrack.
Credit card guarantees are also requested for this. These are not taken into account as long as you return the goods in good condition.
We also help you to bring this administration to an easy and successful result.
Our prices EAO service: Africa Eco race 2018/19

Onze prijzen EAO service: Africa Eco race 2018/19

Enter before 15/03/2018 and geth 500€ discount !!!

Price tabel motor ENG 2018

Entry Fee AER:

Entry fee   AER 17 18 tot1 7



Martin Fontyn

Phone: 0032 0 487638060


Prijzen SSV , Quad, 4x4 on request


Daily reportage on Eurosport en Motors TV + RTL 7

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 Winner edition 2013: EAO Martin Fontyn

2013 FR


Martin Fontyn

Phone: 0032 0 487638060


Prijzen SSV , Quad, 4x4 op aanvraag


View the embedded image gallery online at:




EAO Topdeal

all in packet 999€* by booking < 1/4/2018


Transanatolia Rally 2018



 New in EAO agenda 2018
Rally in Turkey
Izmir / Izmir
August 2018
Englisch version under construction

New in EAO agenda 2018

Rally in Turkey

Izmir / Izmir

August 2018
more info