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From 06 June to 13 June 2020

The Rally:

The Albania Rally is already in its 16th edition in 2020.
It is a super nice rally with varied courses.
Fair technical and medium heavy rally.
The start in 2020 is not in Tirana but in the seaside town of Vlore
The third day is again a marathon stage.
At the end of the third day, all vehicles in a park must be firm.
They are huge diverse routes, from gravel, beaches, mountain trails etc.
The EAO Rally Team will again propose an assistance service package in 2020.
View our adjusted rates for 2020 and you will see that Albania rally is a budget friendly rally.

The Route:

Map2020Albania rally




























This is a general agenda and can possibly be changed.
The definitive program will be communicated to you 30 days before the start.

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For whom:
It is a 'license free' rally, meaning that anyone with a motorcycle, quad or jeep can participate if they have a driver's license.
The rally is for all level drivers; from beginner to professional.
Although most participants participate in a light enduro motorbike, there is also a ranking for the heavier motorbikes and for women.
The motorcycle, quad or jeep must be equipped with GPS, roadbook and tripmaster. A range of 160 km is sufficient.

IMG 5298










Class classification:

CLASS 1 (under 450) - All type of Bikes with engine volume under 450 cc
CLASS 2 (450-600) - All type of Bikes with engine volume between 451cc - 600 cc
CLASS 3 (over 600) - All type of Bikes with engine volume over 600 cc and with single cylinder.
CLASS 4 (bicylinder) - All type of Bikes with engine configuration with more than one cylinder and over 600 cc
CLASS 5 (veterans V1) - Any type of Bike with engine volume under 450 cc driven by an pilot born before 1 January 1966.
CLASS 6 (veterans V2) - Any type of Bike other than those included in Class 5 driven by an pilot born before 1 January 1966.
CLASS 7 (women) - Any type of Bike driven by an female pilot.
IMG 5293.MOV
Service Team EAO:
As always, we spoil our drivers with a light lunch after a hard day.
This goes from a pasta dish and or delicious sandwish and sometimes a nice tuna salad with home-made chips.
While our mechanic works on your motorcycle, you can come to yourself with that tasty bite and a fresh coke or beer

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Register here

Price Quad, SSV, 4x4 cars on request

More information:

Email to eaorrt@gmail.com

Contact België: Martin Fontyn (+32487638060)

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Illyria Raid 2020 Spring Edition

Website online

Illyria Raid Website


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logo tuareg rally (Small)


From 20 To 27 march 2020


Tuareg Algeria:


The Tuareg Rally edition 2019 in Algeria was a success.
My experiences were already positive! Beautiful landscape with huge dunes!
What struck me enormously was that all people, including the Police and Customs, were all super friendly !!!
The second bivouac at the foot of The Grand Erg Occidental (also known as the Western Sand Sea) is the second largest in northern Algeria after the Grand Erg Oriental.
It has an area of ​​approximately 78,000 square kilometers. The sand dunes in the erg are formed by the wind, and can be up to 120 meters high.
Certain sickle-shaped dunes, known as barchans, are actually mobile; the wind can push these dunes as much as 20 to 30 m in one year.
Algeria a fantastic country where 30 years ago the Dakar rally still had beautiful stages.
Algeria is approximately 57x larger than the Netherlands and 78x larger than Belgium.
The country borders the Mediterranean Sea in the north, and the coastline is almost 1,000 kilometers long. The country also borders on Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Morocco.
Algeria has a subtropical climate on the coast (mild, wet winters and hot summers).
In northern Algeria (on the coast) it is around 35 ° C in July / August. There is a desert climate in the south of the country.
The desert is the hottest in the month of May; the temperatures can then go up to 55 ° C.
In the month of March, it is ideal for rallying between 20 and 28 grade.
There are two important mountains in Algeria: the Atlas Mountains and the Ahaggar Mountains
The Chéliff River, which flows into the Mediterranean, is the longest river in the country, with a length of 700 kilometers.
The most important oases are: Touggourt Biskra, Chenachane Tin Rerhoh
Algeria is a wonderful country and is therefore an unmissable opportunity to participate in the Tuareg rally 2020.


DJI 0398 Pano






Algeria Save: ?

In any case I had a very safe feeling, we were escorted by police escort from bivouac to bivouac this not because it is unsafe but because it is so common there with tourists.
Tuareg Rally and the Algerian government have made good agreements so that safety is optimally insured.
Backup of the army and police is insured.
Walking in Paris or London is probably a lot more dangerous than participating in the Tuareg Rally in Algeria !!!

DJI 0021














You can go best with a service team.
The participants fly to Algiers, the capital of Algeria.
Hence it continues with a domestic flight to the first bivouac.
The service teams go by ferry to Oran and then in convoy to the first bivouac.
There are a limited number of hotel rooms available, but most of the participants will have to sleep in tents.
The bivouacs are always placed in an accommodation with showers and toilets.
For the participants with the EAO team we have provided nice big tents.
Those who register on time can win a hotel room.


Track 2020











The Track:

We carefully listened to what wishes, news, landscapes you liked.
In 2020 we will use the endless possibilities of Algeria and drive a completely new route. From Bechar, the famous desert metropolis of Algeria, we drive in 7 days via Beni Abbes, the largest lake of the Algerian Sahara, the Sebkhel el Melah to Timimoun, the famous oasis city in the center of the Sahara.
100% Special no liaison internships mark again the Tuareg Rallye 2020

EAO Service Team:


Tabel prijs GB Tuareg 20


  • Price with Quad = price table + € 1750
  • Price with SSV = price table + 3000 €
  • Price with car = price table + € 4500
  • Copilot price = + € 1390
Request your personal offer !!!
Why with EAO:
  • Simply the best.
  • Professional team.
  • Best materials.
  • Free soft drinks and lunch immediately after driving.
  • We offer you the best for a fair price.
  • Martin Fontyn manager of the EAO team (himself winner of several rallies) is always on standby to help you where needed.
  • His years of (> 20 years) rally experience and knows all the tricks of the trade.
  • Get better results with EAO!
  • Don't be put off, there are also beginners in our group that we do not neglect but on the contrary try to learn a lot so that they will one day be among the winners.
  • We inform you from A to Z. Preparation, feeding, building a motorcycle, you just ask us.
You can ride the Tuareg Rally with any off-road motorcycle that is also good for driving on public roads.
A lightly converted enduro bike is recommended but not a must.
Action radius in this rally is 180km.

Price on request
Possibility to rent a motorcycle
EAO and Martin Fontyn have been at the Tuareg Rally since 1998 and are happy to give you all the information.
Martin Fontyn
Tel: 0032 0 487638060
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Motorbikes / Quads / SSV   

More info






Top Deal december 2018 !!! 
 Van 12 t/m 20 oktober 2019 
Ifrane to Agadir
Book before 24/12/2018 and get 150€ discount or free flight*
*flight from Belgium to Morocco


 morocco Raid timeless transp
Van 12 t/m 20 oktober 2019 
Ifrane to Agadir
During the day adventure and exercise and in the evening you can enjoy the best hotels with nice rooms and good food.
In 2019 you will be spoiled with the most beautiful tracks and hotels of Morocco.
In the day adventure, sweat, off road driving and in the evening next to the pool with a fresh beer. Then a nice room and a hot shower and a delicious meal.
One last drink on the terrace and then in a nice bed so that you are completely fit to experience the next adventurous day.
Most of the hotels have a Spa where you can go for a pleasant massage.
The fly and drive formula is a success, we bring your luggage and motorcycle to the start. The date is so planned that you are only one weekend away from home.
Seven days offroad fun in the most beautiful country of North Africa.
There is now also the possibility to participate with a rental car (Pajero Mitsubishi) be on time to make a reservation.
Also participating with an EAO rental motorcycle is possible (KTM 450 exc).
Prices on request.
 MDT SFQ J6A6286
We are already on the road to explore the most beautiful places in Morocco for you.
Daily rides between 250km and 400km are on the menu.
Slopes, dunes, sand and various mountain trails with beautiful views and scenery.
The entire route is suitable for all off-road vehicles from small to large.
In Ifrane we start via the middle Atlas to the dunes of Merzouga than over the high Atlas and so on to Agadir.
From North to South.
There are a lot of beautiful things on the program.
Route map 2019



































Saturday 12 oktober Ifrane Arrival / Scrutineering /Administation
Sunday 13 oktober Ifrane / Start Midelt
Monday 14 oktober Midelt Erfoud
Tuesday 15 oktober Merzouga Merzouga 
Wednesday 16 oktober Merzouga Merzouga
Thursday 17 oktober Merzouga Zagora
Friday 18 oktober Zagora Tata
Saturday19 oktober
Tata  Agadir / Finish
Sunday 20 oktober Agadir Return home











 MDT SFQ J6A6432











EAO's truck leaves Loenhout just over the Dutch border at Breda.
You can bring your vehicle to EAO about a week before the start.
Luggage may consist of two boxes of model Pierre Henry with standard dimensions of * 80x45x35 or a chest and 1 sports bag or two sports bags.
Vehicle and luggage will have to be available about a week before and will be back at EAO about ten days after the end of the raid.
The vehicles must be accompanied with the requested documents. This will be communicated to you later.
The flight is not included in the price.
The cheapest flights can be found to and from Charleroi, Eindhoven or Amsterdam. Book your flight in time so you can fly at the best rate.
We of course offer the possibility that we can book the best flight on request.
The price includes transport of your luggage * and a motor bike, for those who want to participate with another vehicle SSV, Quad, car can request a quote.

Rent Bike / Car : 
Also participating with a rental motor bike or 4x4 is possible request your quote.
Car Mitsubishi Pajero from 2000 €
Motor KTM 450ecx from 1750 €
Hotels / Food:
The hotels are always the best in the region and are usually 4 stars or more.
All hotels are provided for 2 persons per room with breakfast and dinner included.
Also booking of single room is possible at an additional cost.
A lunch is provided every day at a nice place.
Flight :
The flight is not included in the price but can be booked through us.
Ryanair, Tiu, Transavia, Royal Air Maroc, etc. Many companies provide daily cheap flights to Agadir and from Oujda or Nador to Europe.
This gives you the opportunity to come earlier or stay longer.
PriceGB 2019
Summer Deal Register <15/7/2019 = 200 € discount
Ask for your price without transport for those who go to start and finsh.
Motorcycles > 550cc = + 300 € transport cost
* Transport of vehicle car not included.
Registration with deposit is Pilot 1000 € and co pilote 500 € and rest amount for 1/8/2019.
The mandatory rental of an Owaka spot balise is not included in the price.
Rent Owaka 100 € and deposit 100 €.
To reserve rent motor or rent car please contact by mail.
In the price inclusive:
Participation event
Transport engine, quad, SSV and two pieces of luggage chest or sports axles Pierre Henry crates (80x45x35)
* For cars transport not included
Basic medical assistance from Trauma doctor specialist
Retrieval of motor or quad on the slopes in case of defect or problem
Breakfast, dinner
Accomodation hotel H / P
Customs formalities
Tracks in GPS, Tripy or smartphone
Mechanical assistance on the track
A fantastic raid adventure
Not inclusive:
Transfer hotel
Transport car (price on request)
Extra hotel (night before start or after arrival)
Single room
Rent Owaka balise (mandatory)
Transport tires and mousses (for sale on site at EAO)
Everything that is not mentioned above
Motorcycles> 550cc = + 300 € transport cost
Rentbike 1750 €
Rentcar4x4 2000 €
Transport car on request
Extra person
Why sign up early ?:
You save a lot of money for participation
You are certain of a place on EAO free transport
Cheaper flight (or free flight)
Mandatory documents:
International passport
Valid for three months on leaving Morocco
Valid documents vehicle
Power of attorney document to EAO Martin Fontyn signed by vehicle owner.
Insurance vehicle
Insurance repatriation person
MDT SFQ J6A6073 
Every vehicle that is allowed to drive on public roads is allowed to drive.
For cars, four-wheel drive is a must.
It must be legally insured for Morocco (see green card)
Have a range of 200km.

Owaka spot system is required since Morocco raid 2015.
It is a spot system that exchanges data via satellite so that the organization can find you at any time.
It is an extra plus point for your safety.
It is used in many rally's and raids.
Rent of this spot Owaka is not included in the price and will be delivered to the first hotel during the technical check.
Costs 100 € rent and 100 € deposit that we return at the end of the week when returning the device.
Payment to be paid on the spot.
Jowi / EAO travel agency
See application form