E A O Desert Dakar Training

You want to go to the Dakar Rally and other desert rally's but you still do not feel that confident? In this case EAO can provide you with a good desert training!
Ever since 1997 we cross the Moroccan desert. Martin Fontyn (read EAO) will be happy to learn you many tricks and tips to increase your driving skills over infernal dunes and slopes.
We had the honor of training the Yamaha Holland team for several years (some big riders were present) . As Daniel Willemsen and Mirjam Pol which I still recommend and to be grateful for what they have learned with EAO.


We offer a package tailored to your needs consisting of time, hotels and type of training.
You just get on the plane and we'll do the rest.
You can use the EAO service truck or own service truck and own mechanics if desired.

As you can see in the picture this year we had the honor of training the Europ Honda team from Henk Helligers. Again with top pilots like Bolivian Juan Carlos Salvatierra and Dutch Jan van Woerkum, Marco van Geel, Ronald Ter Beek, Ebert Dollevoet, Geert Mulder,

Daniel Willemsen unfortunately could not attend due to a wrist injury..

EAO  can also train you  with motors locally ie rent motorcycles ktm 450.

Daily learn to cope with the heat and your stamina.
Preparation and doctors guidance in Europe belongs to the possibilities.
In short everything you need to know to successfully complete a long and extensive desert rally.

One of the most important things in a rally is navigation. We will teach you how to learn to read a roadbook and learn how to assess local situations.
Rally driving is more than mindless driving at full speed.
A golden Tip 
  1. Drive at your own pace.
  2. Just do your own thing do not chase someone else. Your direction was probably the right one anyway.

We also recommend participating in our annual Morocco raid in late April.
2500km through the Moroccan desert. More info also on this site.

For more info:

Mail us and we will create a training package for yourself or your team!


Martin Fontyn

0032 0 487638060




Dakar training with Martin Fontyn

Winner of the Africa Eco Race 2013
The real race voted by specialists!

Also the winner of Tuareg Rally 2012

We will organize a four day training in Morocco with roadbook training and dunes training on the program.
Before departure we will organize a course for participants during an evening to learn to adjust the suspension of a rallymotor.
This will be given by a WP specialist. Also, during the training in Morocco a mechanic and suspension specialist will be at hand to help.
We offer a package for € 1,950. Included is the flight back&forth to Morocco, transfer from&to hotel, motorcycle transport, storage boxes 80x45x35 2 Pierre Henry.
Options include: extra storage box, own mechanic, single room and everything else you could possibly you wish for.
We stay in top hotels. We also discuss the preparations for the rally and nutrition during the rally.
In the past we have done this for known teams such as Honda Europ team and Yamaha Holland.
Names like Myriam Pol, Daniel Willemsen have had their first road book training at EAO.
They ended several times with success at the finish of the Dakar rallies.
Schedule is as follows.
Flight back on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 and return flight on Monday, November 4, 2013.
On 30 October and 1,2,3 November 2013 training riding with the motorcycles.
Limited number of participants allowed so be quick.

Martin Fontyn
0032 0 487638060




Together with the Kini Gardner team in the Africa eco Race 2013


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