Libya Rally gets new name and “Morocco Desert Challenge”


From 16 to 23/04/2017

It had to happen! The Libya Rally, the second largest rally raid in Africa, get after 8 editions a new name. In April 2016 Morocco was the 4th time host of the "rally in exile", with up to 500 participants and members of the organization at the start. The political situation in the Maghreb countries makes all hopes disappear to return to Libya shortly. The stability that Morocco provides, the infinite off-road capabilities of the country, combined with a beautiful, sprawling desert, and the support of the authorities are sufficient reasons to consolidate the link with the new host via a new name: Morocco Desert Challenge.
The flag logo's will change but not the cargo!
Organizer Gert Duson: "In 2008 and 2009 we started in Libya, but that was it sadly on. For political reasons we went to Tunisia in 2010 and 2012 and this country then also received a "no go", Morocco became the new host since 2013. Libya Rally is a concept in the rally-raid world, but it remains annoying if you have to explain every day to to new customers or journalists that the rally no longer take's place in Libya but in Morocco after 8 years.
The connotation of the word "Libya" is now also deteriorating. The country has, since the outbreak of the war in February 2011, transformed into pure chaos. The terrorists of today are IS 300 km from the port of Tripoli. Here you don't want to be associated with it as an organization and as a potential sponsor of the event, .
A logical and strategic choice
The choice of the name "Morocco Desert Challenge" and the baseline "Extreme Rally-Raid" are both logical and strategic in nature. Logical because our rally is one of the most extreme and challenging events of its kind. It is every year a heavy cross-country with very long specials and almost no liaisons. Strategically, we made the decision to integrate the word "Morocco" in the new name. After the problems in Libya and later Tunisia, the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism has received the rally with open arms and year after year assisted by word and deed . With this name change we would also reinforce our commitment to the future and make a statement that the Libya Rally has found his new home.
The specific date for the official name change on the Internet, social media, etc. is September 1, 2016.

IMG 8057

EAO service:

Libya Rally in Morocco for the fourth time.
In 2017 the EAO rally team go's again to provide service for riders of this rally.
Highly recommended for everyone, beautiful slopes and good catering ensure a top-organized rally.
EAO service team is one of the most organized teams in the rally world.
We have an eye for every detail and are always on the go with the best equipment and mechanics.
National presentations:
Mid September 2016 they start each year with a series of national presentations where the new route, race rules, categories and participants are introduced to the rally fans. Detailed information will follow via mail, website and Facebook, but already put these dates in your diary:
Belgium (Flanders): <> ... Soon
Netherlands: <> ... Soon


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De Route:
Morocco cross-country / from coast to coast
 Morocco Desert Challenge continues next year, the only true cross-country rally in Morocco. The great success of the last edition (400 pilots and mechanics) made one trent clear: Rally drivers do not want seven day's of laps around the dunes of Merzouga. The route south to north, seven stages, seven new bivouacs, 7 completely different regions of Agadir on the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Nador on the Mediterranean. Nice varied slopes and landscapes, every day.
Scrutineering and the start will take place in Agadir. This charming resort is strategically a very interesting location (many flights, good hotel, nice bivouac and easily accessible).
Finishing we do next year again on the beach, this time in Saidia, about 50 km from Nador. From here daily boats depart to Spain and France, which makes the ride a lot shorter and more pleasant for tired drivers and mechanics.
The details of what will happen between Agadir and Nador, we will keep silent until the national presentations, but as always it is a new course with absolutely everything in it: fast tracks, technical papers, wide African plains, dunes, salt lakes, new unprecedented tracks, legendary Dakar trails and much more. More info soon.
 Route 2017 coming soon
 Route 2017 coming soon
Professionalisation and safety: GPS Unik & Sentinel
Libya Rally has evolved considerably during the last seven editions. What began in Libya as a tiny rally with 60 participants, mostly ordinary cars and enduro motorcycles, all without assistance teams, has become an internationally respected rally / raid by more than 300 participants and assistants, spread over several categories, plus nearly 100 people crew.
Every year we find that the level of the drivers is increasing and it is also a challenge for an organization to meet the demands of the participant / customer. Logistics and medical level, we have proven to be able to grow through additional investments (many physicians, helicopter, sweeper trucks, a large catering team, etc.). On the sporting side was the "next step" made in 2015 with the introduction of GPS UNIK and the Sentinel. Also in 2016 we choose this option.
Everything about these four categories you read in the "four options". See Libya Rally website.
Rally / Raid for each level: 4 options
1. Category 1 - 'Rally Pro'
2. Category 2 - "Rally Adventure"
2. Category 3 - "Discovery - Raid"
3. Category 4 - Assistance & VIP
Everything about these four categories you read in the "four options". See Libya Rally website.
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EAO Service pakket:
tabel price MDC 17 engl 
Price for quads and ssv on request
Martin Fontyn
0032 0 487638060
Libya Rally 2015 069 Libya Rally 2015 054
Libya Rally 2015 077 Libya Rally 2015 motorbikes quads 077
Libya Rally 2015 085 Libya Rally 2015 084
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Juli 2016 Promotion

Morocco Desert Challenge 2017 EAO Promotion

EAO Rally Service 
Morocco Desert Challenge 2017
Juli early bird promotion
Book now and geth the flight for free.

Tuareg Rally 2017

logo tuareg rally

From 18/3 to 25/3/2017



In the 2017 edition it promises many new tracks.

Mostly slopes with a technical character so no-kilometer runs with gas at 10 and zero sense!

No beautiful winding trails where the control of the man plays an important role.

Through breathtaking scenery, slopes from north to south with the dunes of the Erg Cheby as

Highlights in the race.


Tuareg Rally is a rally for beginners in the Expert class as well as for the advanced Pro class.

Daily rides 300 to 400 km with almost no connection on asphalt.

A childhood dream come true for a fair price? = Tuareg Rally driving.


Why Tuareg Rally: 

  1. The price
  2. Bivouacs in hotel accommodation
  3. Top organization with> 18 years of experience
  4. Professional medical assistance
  5. Always new route's
  6. EAO service team with 18 years experience Tuareg Rally
  7. ect ...


Tuareg Rally also for cars, quads, SSV, Buggy's





Daily route between 300 and 400 km, 95% offroad and almost no connection.

EAO Catering:

Daily, we give our riders a light lunch on arrival at the bivouac.

Snacks and soft drinks are included.

Everyday there we will provide water for filling your camelbag.


EAO service with the famous fries day! Homemade fries with delicious goulage is always a great success.



The Tuareg Rally is suitable for novice rally drivers in the Expert category and for experienced riders in the Pro category.

  • Pro

Pro is the real challenge.

Over 500 km of dunes, long tracks, many turns and difficult navigation.

Long and hard until the last day.

Recommended for riders with rallies and hard enduro experience

  • Expert
Expert is a reduced version of the Pro.
100 km of dunes and all the beautiful trails of the Pro category.
Recommended for riders with less rally hard enduro experience.
  • SSV and Truck

The track is aligned with SSV and truck with a level as in the Pro category.

  • Raid classe for Allroad bikes: New in 2017

EAO offers you the possibility in 2017 to follow the rally on an All-road motor bike.

Martin Fontyn will put you in a limited group of riders riding part of the tracks where the Tuareg Rally drivers pass.
We sleep in the same hotels and share the feelings of a rally bivouac.
Transport of your motorbike and baggage and participation in this Raid with EAO costs 2990 €.
Example motor bikes: KTM Adventure, BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin, Yamaha Tenere, ect.
Motor bike: no navigation needed only custom ties you pass under the guidance of a professional. 
More info: 0032 00 487638060.

 IMG 0033

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July summer action

Register and pay in august 2016 is free flight there and back


Rates Motorbikes:

prijstabel Tuareg 17 GB

Inclusief in the Tuareg entry fee:




Rates auto ,quad and SSV:
On request
Tuareg15 Leg5 0356
Why with EAO:
Simply the best
We do not play along with the price war with other teams because ultimately you are the victim of this.
We offer you the best for a fair price.
Martin Fontyn manager of the EAO team (himself winner of several rallies) is always standby to assist you when necessary.
His years (> 20years) rally experience and knows all the tricks of the trade.
EAO always go's with the best pilots! Do not be scared if you are beginners in our group we do
not neglect but rather try to teach much so that they are among the winners on a day.
We inform you from start to finish. Preparation, nutrition, building motorcycle ect you ask us simply.
Always a cozy sitting corner to come back to yourself after driving
The Tuareg Rally you can drive any offroad motorbike is in order also to drive on public roads.
A light converted enduro bike is recommended but not essential.
Action Radius in this rally is 160 km offroad for engines.
Possibility to rent a rental motorcycle
EAO and Martin Fontyn is already in the first Tuareg Rally there and gives you pleasure more information if desired.
Martin Fontyn
Tel:0032 0 487 638060




Van 29/12/2016 t/m 14/01/2017

Monaco / Dakar 

 2d6c15d654bd7f03d72e8900a9ebd07f L

The only real Dakar Rally departing from Monaco to Dakar.
More than 7000km from Monaco, Morocco, Mauritania to Dakar in Senegal.
This 7000km has more special tracks than in the Dakar in Argentina that is 9000km.
So no thousands of km's link routes but more specials.

10603848 1339568466069402 1313098071282388479 o

Edition 8 is just finished and we are already preparing for 2017/18.
IMG 7154

AER organization is very professional and has three helicopters in the organization !!!

The succes of EAO will continue also for the next edition.
Team manager and owner of EAO Martin Fontyn is committed to assist the riders in the team with the smallest details.
We give you assistance from start to finish.
Counseling with your registration documents, permits, building motorcycle, physical training, food ect.
Our more than 20 years of rally experience also gives you more chance to get to the finish.
Our nice big service truck is equipped with everything one needs to accompany pilots in a comfortable way during a rally.


We would like to welcome you to join our team in the next edition.
Every year we have new ideas and we renew several things in and around our service truck.

IMG 7042

After our fourth participation in the Africa Eco Race meantime we already know how things are going in the AER and we also have become friends with the organization.
So we can inform our customers from A to Z and assist them in an optimal way.
The administartieve things before which gives a lot of people stress we will arrange them with you
What ever seems unclear for you from extra costs for rent and guarantees of navigation equipment are clear and bright for EAO.
We like to help our customers through this hassle of paperwork.
So if you want to drive as carefree as possible in the Africa Eco Race than join our professional rally team EAO.
Over the next few months, we organize information evenings for this rally and there you can ask all your questions.


IMG 6931

 Tv screen with daily rally news and results

IMG 6009

Profecionele EAO service truck met vele spareparts


René Metge de organisator van de Africa Eco Race

Jean Louis Schlesser meervoudig Dakar winner 

 10603848 1339568466069402 1313098071282388479 o

 Start in Monaco


EAO always travel with the best mechanics 

IMG 6651 eb29494b 5b15 4202 8693 91331f6c78f1


Truck for motorbikes and material transport and additional assistance 4x4 mechanics.
The race:
The Africa Eco Race is actually the old Dakar rally that started in Monaco to Dakar.
The organizers are no one less than Jean Louis Schlesser, René Metge and Hubert Auriol and gouvernement of Mauritania.
An organization of 135 people that bring this Rally to perfection.
Four helicopters, several physician teams & Iritrack backup witch gives you a secure feeling.
The route:
Departure port of Sete in France 300km from Monaco. Start first leg Nador northern Morocco, Mauritania to Senegal in Dakar.
A scenic route over 6500km of which for the most part off-road and special stages.

Map 16/17 new map soon

 carte1  Africa 2017

The subscription price for motor and pilot can be found on the website of the AER.
Prices are tender and may need to be adjusted.
There also still is rent of Iritrack and GPS ERTF. This will be approximately € 1,100 for both devices GPS2 Unik and Iritrack.
Also guarantees via credit card are requested for this. These are not taken from your account until you have returned the items in good condition.
EAO helps you to bring these documents in order successfully.
Our prices EAO service: Africa Eco Race 2017/18

Tabel1 prijs moto AER 2017 18 ENGL

Price Inscription Race


Entry fee   AER 17 18 tot1 7




Robert Theuretzbacher EAO team 2é place 2014/15

M. Collin mechanic  J. V. Dijck - G. Backx 3é en 4éPl

eao AER17 18

Harite Gabari Fast Marokkan pilot

 IMG 7089

Stefano Chiussi 1 place >450 cc 


No problem (If you have EAO mechanic inclusif)

IMG 6009

The profecional EAO service truck


EAO after party in Dakar


Media center during the rally



Daily coverage on Eurosport and Motors TV
 Martin Fontyn winner edition 2013/14

 2013 FR

AER Teaser 2015/16

AER Teaser 2016/17

For more information call or email us.
Martin Fontyn: tel 0032 487 63 80 60
Prices SSV, Quad, 4x4 negotiated




Martin Fontyn make partnership with Kini Team for Illyria Raid 2016!

Service point for transport and motorbike rent info:



IMG 5112

Illyria Raid 2016

A new point of contact and service team for the Illyria Raid 2016.
Robert Labinsky
Benno-Strauß-Straße 19
90763 Fürth
E-Mail: info@ktm-roadstar.de

IMG 5105

With the EAO Service team to the Merzouga rally 2015

Merzouga Rally 2015 (Morocco) from 10 to 16 October.

EAO provides service and transport for this challenging rally, where only motorbikes, quads and SSV's participating.

The cost for the basic service package are 1.750 euro. (excluding entry fee)

There are several possibilities. Also hire a motor at EAO is possible!

To find out more about the details? Interested to participate?

Please contact Martin Fontyn, for a personal quote.

Tel: + 32 487 638 060
E-mail: eao@telenet.be

Site Merzouga Rally 2015


July Tuareg Rally promo month

Book in july 2015 a service package with EAO to the Tuareg rally 2016 and get your flight ticket free.

Amsterdam / Marrakech / Amsterdam

Service pakket info klick here

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