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Transanatolia Rally 2018



 New in EAO agenda 2018
Rally in Turkey
Izmir / Izmir
August 2018
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 morocco Raid timeless transp
Van 11 t/m 19 oktober 2018 
Marrakesh to Fes
SUPER DEAL: februari booking = FREE Kini Helmet worth €300 ​ 
Kini Helmet Black
Morocco Raid 2018 a beautiful off-road tour.
From 11 october to 19 october 2018.
Marrakesh / Fez 
2000 km off-Road
7 riding day's
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Albania Raid 2018:

From 5 t/m 12 september 2018


After a successful Edition in 2017 with many participants from various countries such as Sweden, Poland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and others.

In the meantime we are working on Edition 7 in 2018.

You can choose to drive in the regularity classe or in the ordinary classe.

More info you can find on our Albania raid website.

Everything runs in collaboration with EAO and motor sport Federation of Albania.(Edvin Kasamati) and EAO (Martin Fontyn)

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All information and information you can find on the Albania Raid site.

This we have created for you in four languages.


You can also get an additional EAO info and service.

We make you vehicule and luggage to the start in Albania and comes back.

You take advantage of quiet with the plane can fly to Tirana.

Service EAO with motor: 500 €* for the first 10 reservations after 600 €

Service EAO with Quad: 1000 € for the first 4 reservations after 1200 €

Service EAO with SSV: 1500€ for the first 2 reservations after 1750 €

*Motorbikes > 550cc (Allroad) = +250€


Two crates of Pierre Henry (80x45x35) these boxes can be used free of charge by EAO.

One box and a sports bag of Max these dimensions.

Your motorcycle or Quad Prices valid as long as there is a place on our trailer.

Flight price on request.

For more info mail or call EAO.

web site Albania Raid

Martin Fontyn
0032 0 487638060


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 morocco Raid timeless transp
Van 11 t/m 19 oktober 2018 
Marrakesh to Fes
SUPER DEAL: februari booking = FREE Kini Helmet worth €300 ​ 
Kini Helmet Black
Morocco Raid 2018 a beautiful off-road tour.
From 11 october to 19 october 2018.
Marrakesh / Fez 
2000 km off-Road
7 riding day's
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 morocco Raid timeless transp

11 to 19 october 2018 
 During the day many adventure and spend the evening in the best hotels with good food and a nice rooms.
In 2018, we will spoil you with the finest pistes and hotels in Morocco. During the day adventure, sweating, off-road driving and in the evening you can relax by the pool with a cold beer. Then a nice room and a hot shower and then enjoy a delicious meal. One last drink on the terrace and then into a nice bed so you're back fully fit to enjoy the next day adventure.
Most of the hotels have a spa where you can enjoy a pleasant massage.
The fly and drive formula is a success, we bring your luggage and motor on site. Only one weekend away from home and seven days offroad fun in the most beautiful country in North Africa.
There is also the possibility to participate with a rental car (Mitsubishi Pajero).
To participate with a motorbike rental is possible KTM 450 exc.
Prices on request.
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Currently we are already on the road for you to explore the most beautiful places in Morocco.
Daily journeys between 250km and 400km on the menu.
Nice pistes, dunes, sand and various mountain trails driving up to a stunning backdrop.
The whole route is suitable for all off-road vehicles from small to large.
We start in Marrakesh allover the high Atlas to Merzouga and continiue to finish in Fes. 

Morocco Raid 18 

Timing Morocco Raid 2018
Wednesday october 11 Marrakesh Arrival / scrutenering /Administrations
Thursday october 12 Marrakesh / Start Surprise ?
Friday october 13 Surprice ? Boumalne Dades 
Saturday october 14 Boumalne Dades  Erfoud
Sunday october 15 Erfoud Merzouga
Monday october 16 Merzouga Merzouga
Tuesday october 17 Merzouga Midelt
Wednesday october 18 Midelt Fes / Finish
Thursday october 19 Fes  Return


Vehicles and baggage may be brought to Belgium (Loenhout) and the Netherlands (Ijmuiden). Luggage may consist of two boxes Pierre Henry with standard size of 80x45x35 *.
Vehicle and baggage will be about a week before to have and will be ten days after the end of the raid back into BE / NL.
The vehicles must be accompanied by the documents requested. You will be notified later.
The flight is not included in the price this year in order to let everyone be free to stay longer.
The cheapest flights you can find in Charleroi,Eindhoven or Amsterdam. Book your flight ahead of time so you can fly at the best rate.
Of course, we also offer the possibility that we provide you with the best flight booking prices on request.
The price of transporting your luggage * and an motorbike, for those who want to join with another vehicle SSV, quad, car may request a quotation.
IMG 0053 
Rental vehicule: 
Also to participate with a rental motorcycle or 4x4 can be requested
Mitsubishi Pajero car from € 1,500
KTM motorcycle 450ecx from € 1,500
Quad ...
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IMG 5752 IMG 5775
Hotels / Food:
The hotels are always the best in the region and are usually four stars or more.
Our standard prices are based on two people in the room. To book a single room is also available at an additional cost.
For lunch, you better stop somewhere in a village to eat something. At the daily briefing will tell you what are the best places.
IMG 6078 IMG 0092
Flight :
The flight is not included in the price but may well be booked through us.
So you get the opportunity to come earlier or stay longer.
Ryanair, Jetair Fly, Transavia, Royal Air Maroc, etc. Many airlines provide cheap daily flights to Marrakesh and Fes.
From Eindhoven NL and from Charleroi BE
Your flight itself books itself is the best but also by EAO.
xaluca2  xaluca5
Table prices Morocco Raid in 2018
Rate Date Price pilot with motorbike Price pilot with Quad Price pilot with Car/SSV* Price copilot Price extra person
Rate 1 01/07/2017 t/m 30/11/2017 2450€ 2950€ 1750€ 1200€ 1200€
Rate 2 01/12/2017 t/m 30/03/2018 2650€ 3150€ 1850€ 1200€ 1200€
Rate 3 01/04/2018 t/m 30/07/2018 2850€ 3350€ 1950€ 1200€ 1200€
Topdeal Morocco Raid 2018
Register < 30/11/2017 = Flight for free**

* Vehicle Transport not included (car,SSV).
** From Eindhoven NL or Charleroi BE
Registration deposit is 1000€ and the rest amount on <01.08.2018.
In the price is the obligatory rental of a Owaka spot GPS TRACKER not included.
Owaka rental € 100 and € 100 deposit.
Reservation for rental motorcycle or car can be done by mail.
Included in the price:
participation event
Transport motorcycle or quad and two Pierre Henry boxes (80x45x35)
* For cars transport not included
Basic medical assistance by trauma doctor.
Recup motorcycle or quad bike on the track by defect or problem
Breakfast, dinner
Accommodation Hotel H / P
Assistance with customs formalities
Roadbooks if applicable and GPS routes and tracks
Experienced staff assistance
A fantastic raid advonture
 IMG 5946
Not included:
transfer hotel
Transport car or SSV price on request
Additional hotel (night for takeoff or after arrival)
single room
Rent Owaka balise (required)
Transport tires and mousses (available locally at EAO)
satellite phone (for hire at organ) not required
Anything not mentioned above
*** Motorcycles> 550cc = + € 300 for transportation costs
 IMG 6212
Rentbike 1500€
Rentcar4x4 1500€
Transport Car or SSV on request
Why sign up early ?:
You will save a lot of money for participation
You are assured of a place on free transport EAO
Cheaper flight (or free flight)
Documents required:
International passport
Valid for three months to leave Morocco 
Valid vehicle documents
Power of attorney document EAO Martin signed Fontyn own vehicle
vehicle insurance
Insurance for repatriation person
Each vehicle is allowed to drive may ride on public roads.
For cars all-wheel drive is a must.
It should be legally insured for Morocco (see green card)
have a range of 200km.
Owaka spotlight system is this year for the first time obliged to use during the Morocco raid in 2017.
It is a spotlight system using satellite data so that the organization can find found at any time.
It is an additional plus point compared to your safety.
It is used in many rallies and raids.
Rent from this spot Owaka is not included in the price and will be delivered in the first hotel on site.
Costs € 100 and € 100 rent guarantee we at the end of the week to return to the back carry the unit.
Payment on arrival.
Jowi / EAO reisbureau
Look entry form 
Entry form:
DJI 0978
DJI 0987



Africa Eco Race 2018: Every night on RTL7

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Illyria2018 logo png


De Illyriaraid is aan zijn derde editie toe.

Ook de tweede Illyriaraid was een succes! Meer dan 160 rijders kwamen aan de start.

Motorfietsen, quads en ssv konden genieten van een wondermooie parcours.

Voor 2018 is Italië het land van start en finish.

Ook in 2018 zal de Illyriaraid weer 5 landen doorkruisen.

map18 en 2

De Illyriaraid is een organisatie van EAO (Martin Fontyn) en Motorcycle federation Albania (Edvin Kasimati).

Dit staat garand voor een top georganiseerde week.

Alle informatie kan je terug vinden op de site van de Illyriaraid zelf.

Site Illyria Raid 2018

home 2

EAO service pakket voor de Illyriaraid 2018

U kan bij EAO ook terecht voor een extra info en service.

Wat we bieden:

Het meenemen van uw Motor en bagage heen en terug.

Zo dat U rustig met het vliegtuig naar ginder kan vliegen.

IMG 4387


Bagage en motorfiets: 600€ < 30/08/2017 

Bagage en motorfiets: 700€ < 30/10/2017

Bagage en motorfiets: 800€ < 31/12/2017

Bagage en quad: 1000€ < 30/08/2017 

Bagage en quad: 1200€ < 30/10/2017

Bagage en quad: 1400€ < 31/12/2017

Organisation Team Illyria Raid 2017

IMG 4360


Mekanieker service binnen het EAO team 350€

Huur motorfiets KTM exc 2017/18 1250€

Huur navigatie opbouw (roadbook,tryp,sensor en bediening) 300€ huur 

Derde stuk bagage (kist of tas ) 100€

Motorfietsen van meer dan 550cc = + 150€ op de aanggeven prijs 



Bagage is twee kisten Pierre Henry (80x45x35) gratis bruikleen EAO.

Eventueel één kist en een sporttas van maximum deze afmetingen.(max 25kg stuk)!!!

Beperkte plaatsen boek tijdig uw plaats.

Prijs vlucht op aanvraag.

The bivak in 2017

IMG 4359

Voor meer info mail of telefoneer EAO.
Martin Fontyn
0032 0 487638060

IMG 4414 (5)

View the embedded image gallery online at:

View the embedded image gallery online at:


dakarchallenge 2017


from 1 november 2017 to 15 november 2017



On a good organised way with a limited group off-road to Dakar.
Accommodation in hotels and 2 times in tents.
More than 4500km off-road.
All perfectly arranged for a fair price.
Driving section on roadbook along the track.
Morocco / Mauritania / Senegal

IMG 4505

Dakar Challenge 2017 :

Good to know is that we (EAO) have organized this already three times.
We have our people in the three countries.
This ensures a smooth border crossing where all documents are approved from before.
With over 20 years experience in Africa (Martin Fontyn) you are in the hands of the better organization.
In Mauritania, our organization is guided by an official employee of the ministry of tourism.
In Senegal, we have our permanent staff and they will take care of,all shipping containers documents.
So no stress everything is taken care of.
Along the way we always stay in the best hotels of each spot.
In Dakar the bikes and luggage will be loaded into a container.
After approximately two weeks, the container will arrive in Antwerp.
When your belongings arrive you cann retrieve them from EAO.





Day 1 1 November 2017 Arival/Marokko  
Day 2 2 November 2017 Saïdia / Midelt 590 km
Day 3 3 November 2017 Midelt / Merzouga 420 km
Day 4 4 November 2017 Merzouga / Zagora 295 km
Day 5 5 November 2017  Zagora / Tata  320 km 
Day 6 6 November 2017  Tata / Assa  324 km 
Day 7  7 November 2017 Assa / Tan Tan  253 km 
 Day 8 8 November 2017  Tan Tan/ El-Aaiun  435 km 
 Day 9 9 November 2017  Day Off / Restday  0 km 
Day 10  10 November 2017  El-Aaiun / Dakhla   628 km
Day 11  11 November 2017  Dakhla /  Nouadhibou  425 km
Day 12  12 November 2017  Nouadhibou / Nouakchott  450 km 
Day 13  13 November 2017  Nouakchott / Saint Louis  320 km 
Day 14  14 November 2017  Saint Louis / Dakar 275 km 
Day 15  15 November 2017  Retour Europa 





  • Truck vehicle with luggage bivouac / camp
  • 4x4 pickup with mechanic on the track
  • 4x4 with doctor on the track
  • Motorcycles must be in top condition
  • Fitted with new tires with mousse
  • New chain and sprockets kit
  • Gasoline for at least 250km
  • Homologated to drive on public roads.
  • Equipped with insurance and registration

SANY0504 (Medium) (Small)

Equipment on the mororbike:

  • Camelbag 2 liter 
  • Additional 2 liters of water
  • First aid kit and emergency blanket
  • Mobile phone
  • Satellite phone (rental possible)
  • Owaka tracker (rentals available)
  • Lighter
  • Food, power bars and gels
  • Money and credit card
  • Full rally enduro equipment (harness, boots, gloves, helmet, vest, pants, goggles)
  • Small tools
  • Some small parts brake and clutch levers


IMG 7411 (Medium)

  • 2 boxes Pierre Henry 80x45x35cm

Extra Luggage:

  • Air filters for ingeoliet
  • Set of gears and chain
    Set to change tires on day off
    spare parts for choice
    spare clothes
    (Socks, pants, jacket, gloves, underwear ect)



Prijstabel engl

Including : 

  • Flight BE-NL / Morocco
  • Flight Dakar / BE-NL
  • 14 nights in hotels H / P 2 double bedroom
  • Route track Nador / Dakar
  • Backup as stated above
  • Repatriation of track to hotel
  • organization EAO
  • Start transport motor and luggage Saidia Morocco
  • Motor transport and luggage Dakar / Belgium
  • Motor insurance Mauritania
  • Motor insurance Senegal
  • EAO backup service
  • mechanic backup
  • Polo / tees / sweater

Not included :

IMG 6162

  • Mauritania visa
  • Satellite phone rental
  • Rent Owaka tracker
  • Repatriation hospital or home
  • drinks
  • gasoline
  • Lunch
  • All other expenses not specified in included
  • cancellation insurance
  • single room

 Required documents:

  • International passport
  • license
  • Travel insurance world (ADAC's top)
  • Mauritania visa
  • Proxy motorcycle organization
  • Money
  • Medication, if necessary,
  • Doctors medical certificate approval for this type of event.

Other commitments:

IMG 5988

  • Vaccinations ask your doctor

Options :

  • Rent Motor Price on request
  • single room
  • cancellation insurance (recommended)
  • extra hotel night in Dakar

Register via this link:

 Sign up here

More info :

  • Martin Fontyn
  • 0032 0 487638060

 Fore give you the best service

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In the service truck 

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Foto's edition 2011

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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Enjoy our Team to the 24 Hours Tirana Albania !!! 1000km Off-Road Rally in 24 Hours
Ik heb een video toegevoegd aan een @YouTube-afspeellijst: Trailer for Tuareg Rallye 2017
You want reach the end in the AER ? EAO service team simply the best Info: 0032 0 487638060
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