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From 03 June till June 10, 2017


In 2017, the Albania Rally starts its 13th edition.

It is a super nice rally with alternate routes.

Quite technical and medium level rally.

Also in 2017 is the third day, there will be no service for the drivers in the bivouac (hotel)

At the end of the third day, all vehicles will be placed in a closed parking.

It's A kind of Dakar marathon stage.

These are a lot of different routes, gravel, beaches, mountain trails etc.

EAO Rally Team will again in 2016 deliver assistance service packages.

Check out our rates for 2016 and you will see that Albania Rally is a budget friendly rally in its class.

The route:




This is a general agenda and can still be changed.
You will receive the final program 30 days before the start.

2017 66

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2017 5

For who:

It is a 'license free' rally, which means that anyone with a motorcycle, quad or jeep may participate if in possession of a driving license. The rally is for all driver levels; from beginner to professional. Although most participants take part in a light enduro bike, there is a ranking for the bigger engines and for women.

The motor, quad or jeep must be equipped with GPS, roadbook and trip master. A range of 160km is sufficient.


IMG 4693 IMG 3658

Classe indeling: Classe pro / classe lite*

CLASS 1 (under 450) - All type of Bikes with engine volume under 450 cc
CLASS 2 (450-600) - All type of Bikes with engine volume between 451cc - 600 cc
CLASS 3 (over 600) - All type of Bikes with engine volume over 600 cc and with single cylinder.
CLASS 4 (bicylinder) - All type of Bikes with engine configuration with more than one cylinder and over 600 cc
CLASS 5 (veterans V1) - Any type of Bike with engine volume under 450 cc driven by an pilot born before 1 January 1966.
CLASS 6 (veterans V2) - Any type of Bike other than those included in Class 5 driven by an pilot born before 1 January 1966.
CLASS 7 (women) - Any type of Bike driven by an female pilot.
* Classe lite has another classe same as in the Pro but the classe lite routes have been shortened.

 2017 18

EAO service team:

As always, we pamper our riders after a hard day with a light lunch.

This is a pasta dish or delicious sandwish and sometimes a delicious tuna salad with homemade french fries.

While our mechanics tweak your engine, you can recover and relax with that delicious bite and a refreshing coke or beer.




Pricing Table with motorbike

Albania rally 2017 tarief tabel motor ENGL Pagina 1

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Price Quad, SSV, 4x4 car on request

Subscribe or more information:

Email to eaorrt@gmail.com

Contact Belgium: Martin Fontyn (+32487638060)



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